Cindy Kolodziejski Catalog

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Cindy Kolodziejski is a contemporary ceramic artist living and working in Venice, California.

Kolodziejski's ceramic vessels have smooth surfaces onto which she has painted high realistic imagery. The content of this painting often features ironic formal, visual, and literal interplay, and frequently hinges on the use of suggestive puns. Kolodziejski has also focused on biological and scientific imagery, painting skeletal structures, preserved animals, and various cellular groupings. These images are often painted on ceramic forms in the shape of laboratory vessels such as separator funnels suspended from metal clamps.

In recent years, Kolodziejski has won awards from the Virginia A. Groot Foundation, the J. Paul Getty Trust, the Durfee Foundation, and the City of Los Angeles. Her work is represented in the collections of the Detroit Museum of Arts; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Mint Museum; The Museum of Arts and Design; and the Racine Art Museum.

This 24-page softcover monograph showcases 14 full-color illustrations and includes the artist's resume. It was published in January 1999 in conjunction with an exhibition of Kolodziejski's work at Garth Clark Gallery from May 1 - June 1, 1999.

8 x 8 inches

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