Mark Adams - Catalogue Raisonne of Tapestries

Mark Adams - Catalogue Raisonne of Tapestries

One of California's best painters was Mark Adams (1925–2006) who also worked as a tapestry and stained-glass designer. In the 1950s he married printmaker Beth Van Hoesen. Adams eventually shifted to watercolor, printmaking, and acrylic painting as his primary forms of expression. Drawing on his experience building images with large planes of color, Adams created realistic, color-infused compositions. He favored everyday subjects, such as still lives - reflecting on items that could be both personal to him and understandable to others.

In 1955 he apprenticed himself with French tapestry designer Jean Lurcat in Saint-Cere, France and subsequently studied at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs d'Aubusson, where he met master weavers Paul Avignon and his wife Marguerite, who over the next twenty years wove more than a hundred of his tapestry designs.

13 x 11 inches
181 pages


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