Little Golden Books Greeting Cards

Little Golden Books Greeting Cards

Little Golden Books was a popular series of children's books—founded in 1942—that focuses on subject matter like nature, science, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales. Many of the Little Golden Books went on to become bestsellers, most notably The Poky Little Puppy. Several of Little Golden Books' illustrators later became influential within the children's book industry, including Tibor Gergely, J.P. Miller, Leonard Weisgard, Eloise Wilkin, and Garth Williams. Another fun fact: Western Printing and Lithographing Company—the firm responsible for publishing this book series—was based in Racine, Wisconsin.

These timeless illustrations have been reissued as a series of charming greeting cards. The back side of each card details information about the illustration on the front. Each card comes with a sturdy, sparkly gold envelope that is sure to give the recipient a dazzling first impression.

6 1/3 x 4 2/3 inches each

Blank Inside


  • $6.00

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