Rediscovering Ruth Grotenrath: All Things Belong to This Earth

Three Ruth Grotenrath Casein paintings from RAM’s permanent collection are represented in the guest room baths at Hotel Verdant: Bowl of Apples (Interior with Fruit)Bulbs, Bowls; and Table and Chair.

Essays by Jan Serr, Annemarie Sawkins, and John Shannon

Rediscovering Ruth Grotenrath is published for the Warehouse Art Museum (Milwaukee, WI) in association with their comprehensive retrospective of the art of Ruth Grotenrath (1912-1988). The book includes over 65 full-color illustrations. Annemarie Sawkins, PhD, curated the exhibition and authored the principal essay in the book. Sawkins is co-author of A Creative Place: The History of Wisconsin Art (2021) as well as other critical studies.

The retrospective begins with black-and-white images made by Grotenrath for her 1929 Riverside High School yearbook. The exhibition includes early examples of social realism made for the Work Progress Administration (WPA), textile designs, and numerous still-lifes.  Most of the exhibition features Grotenrath's invention of a unique, personal art, for which she is known and remembered. 

The exhibition features works from the Guido Brink Fine Art Collection at MIAD, the Museum of Wisconsin Art, the Racine Art Museum, and the Warehouse Art Museum along with generous private lenders.


  • 80 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published by Plumb Press 2023
  • $29.95

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