The Ring—Design: Past and Present

The Ring—Design: Past and Present

The Ring is possibly the single item of human adornment which holds universal symbolic value on many different levels. Rings mark an emotional or spiritual bond, or a symbol of worldly status and power, while the design of this ostensibly simple ornamental object has always reflected and subtly revealed its special meanings.

The Ring places the object within its historical and social context, and follows the development of ring design, manufacture, and the materials used, from its earliest appearance in the 5th century BC to the experimental abstract forms of the present day.

Exquisitely written by Sylvie Lambert, the first half of this book is historical with a brief discussion concerning rings from 5th century BC, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and 13th-20th century. The later chapters discuss the modern ring and its many adaptations from outrageous to wild and sculptural, and from one-of-a-kind to production. A great source book for every library!

11 2/10 x 9 1/2 inches
272 pages


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