Holiday Dog Mugs

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Gunther is a patient retriever who sports a green and white stocking cap on his head. Quietly napping on top is a little tabby kitten! Oliver is a sporty outdoor dog donning a red and gray winter cap, and is seemingly oblivious to the little chestnut squirrel perched upon his head. Bulldog Reggie wears a red knitted stocking cap inhabited by two trouble-making chipmunks—can't say he looks too enthused about their presence! Finally, Noah Von Trapp sports a green mountain cap with feathers while a pair of chickadees inhabit the brim. These pleasant pups are prominently displayed on both sides of the mug, and even show up on the inside rim!

These mugs are designed by Two Can Art—a collaboration between artist Patti Gay and her son Noah, who is on the autism spectrum. Noah paints all of the textures using brushes, fingers, spray bottles, sponges, foam paint, and even bubbles, which are then transferred to Photoshop and rearranged by Patti.

Comes packed in a matching decorative box.

Bone china
13.5 fl oz capacity
Dishwasher and microwave safe

  • $9.00

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