Obi Gold Full Floral

Obi Gold Full Floral

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An obi is a sash worn alongside traditional Japanese clothing, serving as a sort of belt that is wrapped around a kimono. Many obis are made in brocade fabrics with metallic threads, and are often double-sided. RAM’s selection of Japanese import obis include many unique and one-of-a-kind examples—some dating back to World War II and before. Masako Oguro repurposes vintage Japanese silks in her NYC studio to create this incredible obi that can be worn with either side facing out. 

The basic fukuro obis are double-sided and made by folding or sewing two pieces of cloth together; more recent examples are bolder in color and reverse to black. We offer maru obi, when available, which are more formal, larger, older, and more unique.

Don't own a kimono? The intense colors, patterns, and textures makes this obi perfect for use as a table runner or wall hanging!

  • Approximately 12 inches X 100 inches

Because this is a vintage item, there may be some slight signs of wear.

Black, Gold, Silver, Green, and Orange
Silk, metallic thread
Hand wash or dry clean only

  • $62.00

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