Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams—Glass Necklace

Cynthia Toops lives and works in Seattle, sharing a studio with her husband, glass artist Dan Adams. Collaborations are a constant part of their work. Along with her husband she spends long hours researching, planning, and designing their combined pieces.

Dan Adams works full time at a laboratory, making glass beads and jewelry art night and weekends. Originally trained in Anthropology, he is intrigued with the history of glass and the use of beads throughout world culture. An interest in tribal design, contemporary design, and natural history all translate into his beads.

Blue Necklace is graduated in size with the smaller beads towards the silver clasp closure. This necklace really showcases Toops and Adams knowledge of the medium through the diverse use of fine patterns are shared with beads that featuring tiny portraits in the round both in polymer and glass. The Blue Necklace is approximately 26 inches long and graduated in size with smaller beads towards closure to the clasp.

Blues and greens
Glass with silver clasp closure
26 inches long

  • $640.00

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