John Simpkins—Sri Yantra Puzzle, 1,000 Pieces

John Simpkins—Sri Yantra Puzzle, 1,000 Pieces

A luxurious 1,000 piece puzzle is a tour-de-force of design! The Sri Yantra mandala at the center of this painting by American artist John Simpkins represents a tool to defeat negativity and instill well-being. Its intersecting triangles represent the merging of the physical with the spiritual. Simpkins has positioned the mandala within an owl, who stands perched atop a representation of his precious pet poodle, Phoebe. A great gift for a friend or member of the family!

This high-quality puzzle is printed on thick paperboard, which deflects glare and produces minimal dust.

Completed puzzle size: 20 x 25 inches; Box side: 10 x 13 x 1/8 inches


  • $21.00

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