Tea Anyone? The Donna Moog Teapot Collection

Tea Anyone? The Donna Moog Teapot Collection

While the teapot as a functional object can be traced back about 800 years to China, the form is familiar in Western Europe and the United States. As the teapot became connected to status and luxury via trade centuries ago, Western manufacture began in earnest. Most of the earliest teapots were metal, yet within the context of contemporary craft, teapots are most associated with ceramics. RAM—with the largest contemporary craft collection in the United States—as of 2021 has over 600 teapots in its collection, mostly made of clay, yet also including metal, fiber, and other media.

RAM’s teapots are often included in collections-based exhibitions. A number of examples of different materials, subject matter, and building techniques are represented. In 1999, collector Donna Moog offered RAM a gift of over 250 teapots. The impact of the Moog collection cannot be understated as it represents a large body of work by diverse artists in a range of styles.

This publication features nearly 150 photographs of the teapots in the collection, and includes an informative essay by Glenn Adamson and an interview with the collector, Donna Moog.

88 pages


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