Knock Knock Pads

All Out Of - Stick this magnetic bestselling shopping list notepad on your fridge and check off depleted items as you run out; then replenish with ease and certainty when next you shop. Never forget the milk again with this perfect grocery list pad.

Now/Later - You can’t be in two places at once, but this magic to-do list pad can. At first glance, it’s an ordinary list of things to do now and later. But wait! Look closer and tear them into two separate lists—then divide and conquer. A pad for procrastinators and do-it-now types alike will bring order to anyone’s disorder. 

Pack This - An exhaustive checklist of everything you could ever need on a trip, this organizational tool will help even the most forgetful to arrive and depart fully equipped. Perfect for both business and pleasure travels, you will only need to worry about getting to the airport on time. 

Assorted Colors
9 x 6 inches


  • $7.00

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