David Lory—Spalted Silver Maple Bowl

David Lory turns some of the most divine wooden bowls made anywhere. As beautiful as the bowls are that fact that they are functional makes them even better. One of the first two students to participate in an apprenticeship woodworking class at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville he taught himself to make his unusually thin wooden bowls.

The process begins with the selection of the wood generally found in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois. Each bowl starts on the lathe must be turned through to completion, which takes from one to three hours. The bowls are made to be used and appreciated for years and are easy to care for, just wash in soapy water. No two are alike. A marvelous gift for any special event or for a simple everyday salad!

Spalted Silver Maple
4 x 13 inches 


  • $260.00

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