Braided Gloves

Now on sale! Was $18, now only $5!!

Nothing is better than a stylish accessory that is also practical. As we continue to add more and more layers of clothes to combat the dropping outdoor temperature, it's easy to overlook an important article of clothing: gloves.

Fashionable gloves have been associated with prim-and-proper styles of decades past, but the winter accessory is making the rounds once more. Whether you're accustomed to living through numerable snowstorms in the winter months—or are simply vacationing in a area with a cooler climate—a great pair of gloves is sure to dress up any outfit you wear in the winter season.

These stylish black gloves have brightly colored braided band across the back of the hand. One size fits all!

65% polyester, 35% rayon

  • $5.00

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