Fired with Passion: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

Fired with Passion: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

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By Samuel J. Lurie and Beatrice L. Chang

The approximately 150 works included here have been selected from major Japanese institutions and noted Western collections; all are strikingly photographed in full color and represent the greatest modern masterpieces of Japanese ceramic art.

Chang, director of the Dai Ichi Arts gallery featuring Japanese ceramics, joins with noted collector Lurie for an overview of Japanese ceramics from 1945 to the present, organized by region. The dramatic, inventive ceramic works (most ceramic sculptures rather than utilitarian objects) are displayed in beautiful color photographs varying from views of entire pieces filling a glossy page to close-ups of a few square inches capturing details of workmanship, design, and material. Each of the 45 artists from the six geographical areas is given a brief biographical profile which is followed by notes on their ceramic pieces shown. Chang and Lurie also provide introductions to each of the sections, focusing on their respective distinguishing styles and related historical and cultural information. For its breadth and knowledgeable, succinct text, this work immediately becomes the leading guide to this relatively specialized field of ceramics.

  • 254 color pages
  • Hardcover
  • Dimensions 10.5 x 12.5 inches

"One of the best books to learn about contemporary Japanese ceramics. Beautifully photographed, excellent choice of pieces and very intelligently written. Like taking a course!"

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