Ford + Forlano O'Keefe Brooch - SOLD

These polymer masters, Steven Ford and David Forlano, are internationally known for the incredible patterned and handworked polymer created in their respective studios in Philadelphia and Santa Fe. Trained as painters, they have been working together since 1984 to make complex cane cross-sectioned patterns and undulating ribbon forms to create neckpieces, brooches, and earrings.

The O’Keeffe brooch is swirl ribbons that start in the core with warm hues of orange and red and end with an outer layer of blues. All mounted on a sterling silver base, this piece is bold and expressive. This collaborative team strives to give each element its own diverse character while still making it look unified and whole. 

Colors: Orange, reed blue, and green
Polymer and sterling silver
3.25 inches diameter and 1.25 high


  • $450.00

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