Jellycat—Large Onyx Dragon

Jellycat—Large Onyx Dragon

Onyx Dragon is soft and squishy and dons a rich licorice black color. With sparkly ears, spine, wings, and tail tip, this dreamy dragon glitters and shimmers all the time! Onyx Dragon is approximately 29 inches from snout to tail and is eager to curl up with you by the fireplace in your favorite chair. Don't worry, they won't breathe fire!

These squishable stuffed animals are designed by Jellycat in England. The exquisitely detailed plush fabric guarantees that children and adults alike will fall in love with these cute critters.

Jellycat animals are not fond of washing machine baths—instead, hand wash or spot wash them. These adorable stuffed animals are suitable for young children but we suggest not leaving them in a crib with an infant.


  • $110.00

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