Joyce Scott—Glass Bead Necklace

Joyce Scott is a printmaker, weaver, sculptor, performance artist, and educator, but she is probably most well known for her work in jewelry, beadwork, and glass. Her work is influenced by her family's craft traditions and her African American heritage. In her jewelry and sculpture, she employs humor and irony to address cultural stereotypes and issues of racism and sexism. Although Scott identifies African American, Native American, and West African Yoruban beadwork as primary influences, she emphasizes that her work refers to cultures around the globe, stating that, "If we are going to work things out, we have to work together."

As a 2016 MacArthur Grant Fellowship recipient, Scott was recognized as a jewelry maker and sculptor repositioning craft, and in particular beadwork, as a potent platform for commentary on social and political injustices. Her work is in the collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art, Mint Museum of Craft + Design, Spencer Museum of Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the Racine Art Museum.

Small circular forms are connected with interweaving lines and circles. There is a loop and bead closure.

Glass beads


  • $600.00

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