Norm Sartorius—Wood Letter Openers

Norm Sartorius’ work is collected in by museums throughout the world. Although he is known primarily for his spoons we are proud to feature his handmade letter openers as well. These beautiful letter openers are available in a variety of words and shapes each lovingly, hand-carved by Norm himself.  A special gift for anyone’s desk, be it the office or at the home office.

A creator of wooden spoons for over 30 years, Norm Sartorius has explored the common wooden spoon and simple letter opener, as a context for sculpture. Using rare and unusual woods of exceptional beauty, he shapes each object to stand as a unique artistic statement of color, form, and texture. Testing the boundary between art and craft, his work is inspired by the material, nature, and rich ethnic traditions of utilitarian objects worldwide. In the end, it is always the dialogue between the maker and the wood that results in a form that happens to be a sculptural spoon. Often referred to as "Ceremonial Objects," Sartorius' spoons vary in size and shape, each being solely created by the artist.

His work is represented in the collection of the Arkansas Art Center, AK; The Asheville Art Museum, NC; The Carnegie Museum of Art, PA; Center for Wood Art, PA; Detroit Institute of Art, MI; Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN; and the Racine Art Museum, WI.


  • $250.00

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