Nuno Shawl—Glass Mosaic

Nuno is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative textile companies because it takes the techniques, materials, and aesthetics of traditional textiles and reinterprets them with cutting-edge technologies. They are known for experimenting with an eclectic array of materials, ranging from silk, cotton, and polyester to hand-made paper and aluminum, and finishing methods that include salt-shrinking, rust-dyeing, and caustic burning. The results are distinctive, intriguing, and indisputably remarkable. Nuno’s textiles are represented in many permanent collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Tokyo National Museum.

No matter how beautiful it is in itself, only you can bring a simple piece of cloth to life as a functional textile. Nuno scarves and shawls are only made more beautiful by the wearer.

24 x 80 inches


  • $275.00

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