Avoca Mills—Merino Wool Scarves

Avoca’s luscious scarves are lightweight, warm and full of color and are 100% pure merino wool. Circus is a multi-colored checkerboard of intense colors. Jewel is a handsome blend ofpurple, turquoise and ruby. Solstice is a rainbow of colors including blue, pink and yellow and all their combined colors. Denim is an arrangement of navy’s and beige.

Avoca Mills in Ireland is known for fabulous woven scarves and throws from a mill that had its start in 1723. Today, Avoca’s woven goods provide a unique combination of warmth, softness, and beautiful, intense color. Worked in fine merino wools, cashmere, and mohair, their textiles are known around the world for their quality craftsmanship. There’s no better way to brighten a drab winter’s day than to nestle into one of their scarves or under one of their throws.

10 x 72 inches (not including fringes)
Hand wash or dry clean recommended


  • $60.00

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