Bee House Teapots

Now on sale! Was $34, now only $19!

These Bee House teapots are adorable and compact. With a 15 ounce capacity, the teapots are perfect for brewing a single full cup—plus an additional couple of sips! You can enjoy a unique flavor of tea every morning without over-brewing, while the glass body keeps your beverage warm for longer. They are also thoughtful in their design—the lid stays on snug when you pour but easily removes for cleaning; the removable mesh basket is fine enough to keep out all but the smallest particles; and the teapot is durable enough to withstand an occasional bump.

The Bee House teapots come with a removable screen infuser and stainless steel lid so that you can microwave the teapot. When done, you can reinsert the infuser and the lid to brew the tea.

These exceptional teapots are made in Mino, Japan, and are free of cadmium and lead. Safe for the dishwasher and microwave except for the stainless steel lid.

  • $19.00

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