Obi—Vintage Sash

Obi—Vintage Sash

Obi is the sash for a traditional Japanese dress and serves as the closure wrapped around a kimono. Many obis are made in brocade fabrics with metallic threads. RAM’s selection of obis, imported from Japan, is made up of unique and one-of-a-kind examples with some dating from prior to World War II.

The basic Fukuro obis are double-sided and made by folding or sewing two pieces of cloth together; more recent examples are bolder in color and reverse to black. We offer Maru obi, when available, which are more formal, larger, older, and more unique.

Because of their intense color, pattern, and texture obis make great additions to any home décor as table runners and wall hangings. Because these are vintage items, there may be some slight signs of wear, but nothing that will hinder your enjoyment of the textile.

Red, pink purple, green on beige
Silk, metallic thread
13 feet x 12 1/2 inches
Dry clean only


  • $250.00

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