Wooden Letter Openers

Now on sale! Was $50-60, now only $25-30!

These remarkable letter opener knives are expertly handcrafted from exquisite wood. These exceptional creations embody the perfect fusion of artistry and functionality. 

With its seamless design, the Davin & Kesler letter opener is a distinguished addition to any home or office. The design is simple and elegant. A true example of form meeting function. Each case comes with a card that tells which hardwoods were used.


  • Dimension: 9 ¾" long 
  • Handmade in the USA 
  • Because these are handmade, they may appear slightly different from the photo.

For over 40 years Tom Davin and Mary Kesler have been designing, making, and selling their work. Their specialty is small, precisely designed and exquisitely made pieces, lovingly handcrafted in their Rhode Island studio.

  • $25.00

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